A contained galaxy

Featured image is by @qinniart on Instagram 🙂 

She had a galaxy in her eyes and a universe in her mind

So I think it’s reading the book “Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe” by Benjamin Alire Sáenz that triggered this post (by the way I, 100% recommend this book. It’s really eye opening, beautiful and wonderful full of beautiful and wonderful thoughts. Definitely my kinda book.)

So here’s my thought which the entire post is going to be about: People are like galaxies. One human has an entire galaxy hidden inside them.

This is gonna be sort of a short post i’m sorry.


Every human being is deeply complex. Every human being has varieties of planets,  asteroids, meteoroids, black holes, suns, moons, stars, constellations and colours. What each of these represent in our personalities is up to you.

 I think stars are those small things which are there and you wouldn’t be complete without them. It can be the way you do a particular thing which maybe you don’t even realise but you do. It can be your pet peeves or your favourite things. Small likes and dislikes. Imagine a starless galaxy. Whenever I look up and the sky is starless I feel a bit disappointed. So imagine you without your stars.

planets are those huge things. Your talents, passions, desires, dimensions, affections, preferances, the things you love and hate, but bigger than the stars.

 black holes are those fears, weaknesses and flaws. But without them, you’d be incomplete. You wouldn’t be human. Planets and stars aren’t all positive things either. You need a mix.

Can you truly know a galaxy? No. It has so many hidden secrets. Things change, things are discovered, things are formed. I don’t think anyone truly and completely knows themselves and no one truly and completely knows someone else but the beautiful thing is sometimes you can know someone else’s galaxy just as much as you know your own, you might know them better than yourself. And maybe you know their galaxy better than they do themselves. It’s a beautiful thing being let into someone else’s galaxy, to see them whole. To see them as themselves. To see them without any mask. And to accept… To celebrate the galaxy with all its stars and black holes and planets.

When we become very close to each other, part of them rubs off on us. Some of our stars and constellations added…shared from another galaxy (I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen IRL tho but I’m a writer not an astronomer. Don’t judge me), and some stars and constellations which originated in our own galaxy in someone else’s galaxy as well. I think when looking up at those stars and constellations, you know you’ve met a real special someone.

I think the galaxy’s actions can reflect on things we’re strongly feeling. When we’re going through rough times, the black holes seem at large. When we go through depression, the black hole seems to be the biggest and most important thing in the center of the universe, maybe it even sucks in a few planets and stars (again, I’m not an astonomer. Don’t judge if I’m wrong). When you’re falling for someone and they’re all you seem to think about, a planet forms for them I guess. When you feel butterflies or sparks fly, it’s like a shooting star or a meteoroid shower. When you fall in love, I think your whole universe tilts a bit and so does theirs. And then asteroids, meteoroid showers, the shooting stars, all seem bigger and brighter.

So yes that’s basically all my thoughts on this. Humans are beautiful and complex. I don’t know if there’s a god or not but if he created us, he certainly put a lot of thought into it. So let your sun burn bright, don’t let your black hole take control. There are 7 billion different kinds of galaxies out there and not one is identical to yours so celebrate your uniqueness. Celebrate your galaxy and remember your best stars and  planets🌌



hello people of the universe! I'm Shrids and random things inspire me. if you haven't already realised, I love writing about the tiniest things but lately i haven't been feeling inspired. it's been almost a year since I started my blog. almost a year since I lost inspiration. this blog was for me, my thoughts and nothing else. hopefully my inspiration finds away into me again... so long until idk when. if I start writings again, you know a glorious day has come :')

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