Right here right now

“Live in the moment.” They always say. But are you really living in the moment properly?

It’s easier than you think really. I’m starting off with the cliché one (Cliché is cliché for a reason), put your smartphone down.

Your phone is a whole other world which is very immersive and addictive. Experiencing something through your phone camera is Pretty different no matter how good the camera is.

So ask yourself what’s more important, being fully part of an amazing moment and experiencing to the fullest or filming it and experiencing it half heartedly so you can look back at it later and feel even less than what you felt in the first place because of this video?

Step two: cast everything else from your mind.

Your worries, your troubles, anyone who’s not part of the scenario now, anything that’s not part of the scenario now, the past and the future. The only thing that matters is the present and the present only.

Step three: enjoy yourself. Let loose. Now that you’re full concentration is on the now, it’s your only duty to enjoy yourself. Life’s short and different for everyone. No matter what sort of lifestyle you live, whether it’s going out on a very regular basis or almost not at all, cherish the good times. They’re precious. The future is unpredictable and at any moment anything can change and memories will be the only thing you’ve got left and looking back should make you smile. You should look back with a positive attitude with the classic it was fun while it  lasted attitude. Someone could walk out of your life at any moment. Don’t be bitter. Look back and remember the person for all the good times you had with them. They say live like there’s no tomorrow for a reason.

When your time’s up and your life flashes before your eyes, make it worth watching.

They say we’re all stories, make yours one worth reading. make it a bestseller.

Be spontaneous

Be adventurous

You only live once.

So make it a life worth living.



hello people of the universe! I'm Shrids and random things inspire me. if you haven't already realised, I love writing about the tiniest things but lately i haven't been feeling inspired. it's been almost a year since I started my blog. almost a year since I lost inspiration. this blog was for me, my thoughts and nothing else. hopefully my inspiration finds away into me again... so long until idk when. if I start writings again, you know a glorious day has come :')

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