Just a push

What is motivation? How does it come to people? Does it come gradually? Does it come due to influence of another? Do you just randomly think “Yep. Now seems like an excellent time to let my creativity flow.” (Or anything for that matter but personally to me I mainly feel motivated to create blog posts and visual art. But there’s the occasional “Now’s a good time to study and do homework” motivation but it strikes at the most inconvenient times and ceases to exist during exams.)

Sometimes I don’t feel motivated until I’m doing the thing. To be honest I only started writing this blog post because I haven’t posted on here for 20 days but I didn’t feel really motivated. Buy now I’ve written some of it, my inner writer has taken over throwing down sentences, thoughts and theories into the page…or well… Phone screen.

That drive in you is probably one of the most important things in life. What if that drive didn’t exist? What if we lived in a world where people had no motivation to function and just sort of did things because they had to? 

That just seems so dull. So black and white. Would people even want to do things anymore? Does motivation have  that much influence in our lives?

A life with no motivation in anyone is a world where I wouldn’t want to live in. No ambition. No will. No determination. What will life even consist of?

I’m probably just weird but sometimes I get urges to do the weirdest things. Like once I got the urge to stand by the campus gate where the incoming cars were and start screaming the lyrics “I will always love you”. Did I do it? No. Was it my best decision to share this information publicly? No. But it shows that motivation could be humour. A light hearted thing. Or I’m just whack.

Anyway in conclusion: motivation. It’s important, life without it would be shit and I’m whack.

Hopefully my next surge of motivation won’t take another 20 days. -S 



hello people of the universe! I'm Shrids and random things inspire me. if you haven't already realised, I love writing about the tiniest things but lately i haven't been feeling inspired. it's been almost a year since I started my blog. almost a year since I lost inspiration. this blog was for me, my thoughts and nothing else. hopefully my inspiration finds away into me again... so long until idk when. if I start writings again, you know a glorious day has come :')

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