Wonderfully Clueless

“The more smarter you are, the sadder you are because you truly understand what a horrid place this world is.” Is this true? Can someone who understands fully about the cruel working of this planet still be happy? I think so. If they do, I don’t think they’re that smart to be completely honest. Setting aside personal struggles if someone’s personal happiness is deeply affected by the general working of the world- something they cannot change. That’s pretty dumb. Every single being is affected the same way you are and you can make a change in the smallest ways but the world’s going remain pretty much the same and people are still happy with the lives they have living in a world no different.

But sometimes yes- it does affect you personally in some way and these are times when I look at little kids and think- damn you are lucky. 

Not because they don’t have to worry about bills and drama and their only homework is colouring but because they’re so clueless. They’re happy for absolutely no reason and they find joy in the smallest most useless things and that’s amazing. 

Why did we outgrow those things? Maybe we didn’t outgrow them completely. There are times when I feel child-like joy in things like sloshing my feet around in puddles and watching two raindrops racing on the car windows. Even adult colouring books are highly entertaining don’t deny it.

There’s something about a child’s shrill exclamation of delight, joyous expressions and large eyes full of wonder and happiness that instinctively spreads joy. I know this sounds cheesy but it’s true.

The way they walk with a waddle, the way they try and communicate, it’s all so innocent and pure.

In conclusion- kids, another small thing with great impact.



hello people of the universe! I'm Shrids and random things inspire me. if you haven't already realised, I love writing about the tiniest things but lately i haven't been feeling inspired. it's been almost a year since I started my blog. almost a year since I lost inspiration. this blog was for me, my thoughts and nothing else. hopefully my inspiration finds away into me again... so long until idk when. if I start writings again, you know a glorious day has come :')

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