Just a push

What is motivation? How does it come to people? Does it come gradually? Does it come due to influence of another? Do you just randomly think “Yep. Now seems like an excellent time to let my creativity flow.” (Or anything for that matter but personally to me I mainly feel motivated to create blog posts and visual art. But there’s the occasional “Now’s a good time to study and do homework” motivation but it strikes at the most inconvenient times and ceases to exist during exams.)

Sometimes I don’t feel motivated until I’m doing the thing. To be honest I only started writing this blog post because I haven’t posted on here for 20 days but I didn’t feel really motivated. Buy now I’ve written some of it, my inner writer has taken over throwing down sentences, thoughts and theories into the page…or well… Phone screen.

That drive in you is probably one of the most important things in life. What if that drive didn’t exist? What if we lived in a world where people had no motivation to function and just sort of did things because they had to? 

That just seems so dull. So black and white. Would people even want to do things anymore? Does motivation have  that much influence in our lives?

A life with no motivation in anyone is a world where I wouldn’t want to live in. No ambition. No will. No determination. What will life even consist of?

I’m probably just weird but sometimes I get urges to do the weirdest things. Like once I got the urge to stand by the campus gate where the incoming cars were and start screaming the lyrics “I will always love you”. Did I do it? No. Was it my best decision to share this information publicly? No. But it shows that motivation could be humour. A light hearted thing. Or I’m just whack.

Anyway in conclusion: motivation. It’s important, life without it would be shit and I’m whack.

Hopefully my next surge of motivation won’t take another 20 days. -S 


Wonderfully Clueless

“The more smarter you are, the sadder you are because you truly understand what a horrid place this world is.” Is this true? Can someone who understands fully about the cruel working of this planet still be happy? I think so. If they do, I don’t think they’re that smart to be completely honest. Setting aside personal struggles if someone’s personal happiness is deeply affected by the general working of the world- something they cannot change. That’s pretty dumb. Every single being is affected the same way you are and you can make a change in the smallest ways but the world’s going remain pretty much the same and people are still happy with the lives they have living in a world no different.

But sometimes yes- it does affect you personally in some way and these are times when I look at little kids and think- damn you are lucky. 

Not because they don’t have to worry about bills and drama and their only homework is colouring but because they’re so clueless. They’re happy for absolutely no reason and they find joy in the smallest most useless things and that’s amazing. 

Why did we outgrow those things? Maybe we didn’t outgrow them completely. There are times when I feel child-like joy in things like sloshing my feet around in puddles and watching two raindrops racing on the car windows. Even adult colouring books are highly entertaining don’t deny it.

There’s something about a child’s shrill exclamation of delight, joyous expressions and large eyes full of wonder and happiness that instinctively spreads joy. I know this sounds cheesy but it’s true.

The way they walk with a waddle, the way they try and communicate, it’s all so innocent and pure.

In conclusion- kids, another small thing with great impact.

Moving lights

I didn’t realise this until a friend told me how beautiful she thought the car lights looked at night. From then I’ve been observing and thinking about the lights of the dark.

First of all, she was right – that’s Aesthetic tumblr material right there.

Second of all – I got the feeling of altered reality again. I’ve already written about how libraries seem like an altered reality. I may just write an entire post about how altered reality is awesome and then different places where I think reality is slightly altered.

Okay I’m getting sidetracked, back to the moving lights.

Imagine this – your tired after a long tired day doing whatever. You hop into your car, or a car. To give full effect in this scenario, you’re not driving it. Your full focus and attention are on the lights so you can’t give a crap about operating the vehicle.

Silence is all there is or maybe the car radio is on for faint background music. Whatever floats your boat. (Or maybe somebody stole your car radio and now you’re just sitting in silence. Sometimes quiet is violent. HAHAHAHA okay I’m sorry.)

Making your way through the streets of the town, dozens of other people in these pod like vehicles in almost the exact state as you (assuming they’re all returning home from a day’s activity), some people would have had great days, some would have had bad days, some- average. A mix of emotions on the same street but everyone feeling one thing- tiredness and longing. All these people exhausted, all needing the comforting hug of their homes to just throw on comfortable clothes and jump into their beds because let’s be real – there’s honestly nothing better than sleep.

These moving lights have so much purpose. The blinking tail lamps of the cars, the ever changing traffic signals, the moon, street lamps, road side signs (even though not all of them are moving), they’re all night lights- just like the small ones we had at our bedside as children afraid of the dark. Total darkness would be pretty terrifying to be honest. I think we’re all still a little afraid of the dark, if not- a lot.

Even night clouds. They might be a little creepy but they’re actually really dreamy accompanying the twinkling stars and the moon which changes daily. The night sky is actually really beautiful and mystical, another small thing we’ve taken an advantage of.

In conclusion-pay attention to the night lights next time. It’s worth it.

Capture it, Remember it.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Whenever you look at a photograph, a wave of memories flood in. Whether good or bad, you’re suddenly transported in time, for just a moment, to relive that memory. 

It can last as long as you want it to last. It can last for minutes or just a split second. You’re there.  Wherever or whenever that was. 

Who was there? You’re the eyes of the future, a stranger, a time traveler looking into the past as a third person.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a flashback from ten years or the photos from yesterday’s lunch, the day’s events are frozen and able to be carried around in your pocket wallet, stuck on a wall, preserved in a frame, shared with friends and family- the minds souvenir.

I don’t think we realise how this effects our memory. Years from now you can look into a photo of a random get together at your friend’s house and remember snippets and highlights of that day.

I also think social media pages like Instagram and Facebook really help in this. Think of these sites as a scrapbook. You can flip through them whenever you want and recall a hundred of these memories in no time. Serious nostalgia.

In conclusion I basically wanted to say – photographs, magical things. We need to appreciate their value more.

After all it’s a million little things that make up this universe ❤