Portal away from reality

Have you ever wanted to jump into some sort of portal? Away from reality? Away from all of this? I have. We all have. And we all can. There are several of these portals everywhere but there’s one place where thousands of these are located. A place where dozens of people go everyday. We’ve gone there too. But how many of us have truly realised the altered reality of this place?

Okay do not stop reading. Do not stop reading. Everything I said before this is true. And the whole point of this blog is uncovering the beautiful meanings behind the smallest things, appreciating life more and making things seem unnecessarily deep.

Okay back to what j was saying- libraries.

A place where reality seems altered slightly. The entire world is a loud, energetic, thrilling place full of stress, anxiety, bad people and other issues.

Libraries have only peace and quiet. A hush falls over the place like a carefully tucked in blanket. Few of the sounds heard are the shuffling of footsteps along the length and breadth of dozens of shelves while people search for a book to divulge into. 

The sound of pages turning with the plot moving along as well as the mind of it’s reader.

Maybe you will occasionally hear a chair being pulled out if it’s place, a muffled cough, a sneeze, a giggle, muttered conversation, keys of a computer and maybe a click of a mouse. In my opinion these sounds are barely anything. If they are something, they’re peaceful. They’re the sounds the portal makes.

Unless if it’s for a last minute school project, you never see a stressed face in the room. It’s full of serene expressions (regardless of what’s going on inside their mind, maybe their favourite character just died. Yikes.)

I’m mainly talking about people reading fiction really. Any fiction. Dozens of people physically in one room but emotionally, mentally, in another world. One in Narnia, another in Hogwarts, another in camp half-blood, the fourth in Panem, the fifth in Chicago, the sixth in the maze, the seventh in the past, the eight somewhere in the future. All having adventures in places that aren’t real. With people who don’t exist.

These places might be home.

These people may be family.

These stories could be someone’s lifeline.

Those pieces of paper may be the only thing giving someone hope to carry on.

A room full of people not speaking, not moving, just breathing and blinking. 

A room full of mystery and adventure.

There is no where more magical.


Just an intro :-)

So this blog is going to be just deep brain farts and drabbles whenever i feel inspired. I write about the smallest things in the most complex way I can manage. I may also write short story/essay types (again, mainly deep and in depth), and I’m also thinking about writing short stories based on song lyrics. I accept requests and ideas.

Thanks I hope you’re interested ❤